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Power Electric for electrical and mechanical supplies

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About us

  • Power Electric for electrical and mechanical supplies is a leading company in providing the largest variety of electrical items in the fields of power, control, lighting, electrical protection units, power factor, earth leakage circuit breaker, low voltage panels and control panels.


Our Products

  • Automatic transfer switch panel (ATS)

  • AMF control panel

  • Power factor

  • D.A.L.Y


  • Soft starter devices

  • Inverter drives

  • Automatic control devices and P L C monitors

  • Supplying all spare parts of the power control panels and protection devices such as load protection, and earth leakage circuit breaker as well as electrical spare parts for all manufacturing machines.

  • High and low voltage protection devices, current reflection and gas falls

  • Supplying all types of wires, and steel cables, shield, flexible rubber and control.

  • Supplying all lighting supplies such as headlights, light bulbs, etc.

  • Supplying all kinds of fans and special industrial blowers for cooling.

  • Supplying hand and electrical tools in the field of electricity.

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